We are super stoked to announce that Zero Degrees org has merged into MILITIA! They are a great group of humans that love to game and have actually been apart of IVI in the past! They are bringing over multiple teams like Rainbow Six, Apex legends, warzone, smash ultimate and a couple more to add to our line up of teams. We are still currently in the transition and getting everyone where they need to be so bear with us. I want to personally commend ZD on the hard work they out in over in their org and will make sure they are welcome here and provide us all an opportunity to grow together. Welcome aboard again lol, lets kick some ass! Love all of you guys!

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Militia Links:
Official Discord Server

I am now part of the @IVIILITIA Content Team. You will start seeing More from me connected to them and their other content creators. Thank you for giving me the chance. I look forward to what's to come!

Introducing Militia Valorant Pro Red:


Manager: @_VoodooGenius_

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