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Welcome to the MILITIA CLAN PASS. Much like certain games Battle passes, the MILITIA clan pass allows you to earn sweet rewards, exclusive season merch and cool prizes! There is one free tier, 3 paid tiers Bronze, Silver and Gold. Everything is based on Activity in our Discord server by leveling up XP by simply being active.
At the start of a new season (every 2 months) everyones XP will be Reset, sign up to start earning prizes by reaching paid tiers and collecting your loot! We will be shipping out prizes / merch as earned and we will track your progress and earnings daily, so please remain patient. 2XP events and Weekends will also be apart of our clan pass allowing you to rank up and take the top spot on the leaderboard. So be sure to buy your MILITIA clan pass this Feb 14th and start earning exclusive merch and loot!

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